As a small business owner herself, our founder created HR4SME with the sole purpose of improving HR within small businesses to help them reach their respective company visions. After all, when HR fully supports the operations and culture of a small business, the organization can improve and accelerate dramatically.

The services offered by HR4SME allow management to focus on other strategic demands. Our goal is to meet all of your HR needs in a way that makes sense for your company culture and budget. We treat your investment in us as if it were our investment. And we deliver the same high-value, high-touch level of service you provide to your customers.


Setting up new HR processes can be a daunting task, but a necessary one to ensure you’re compliant with all workplace laws and best practices.  It involves knowledge of labour regulations. And it takes dedicated time to create, plan and execute new processes and policies.

We have helped companies establish HR processes in various business stages, such as:

  • New businesses or entities
  • Existing businesses with no formal process in place
  • Organizations expanding into a different territories


We will create all policies and processes for your HR department in a way that integrates your culture and incorporates your vision, mission and values. We are experts at this. Best of all, we do not simply create a plan and advise you — we do most of the work for you!

  1. Your periodic HR needs, expertly handled
  2. We handle important HR projects and initiatives that your team doesn’t have the time, ability or experience to manage.
  3. We offer all levels of HR expertise, so we can take on everything from basic support and execution to high-level project management and oversight.
  4. We take into account your workplace culture, too. We don’t offer “off-the-shelf” solutions. Everything we do is customized to fit the specific needs of you and your employees.


If it’s HR-related, we can likely handle it.

HR4SME was created to address the people needs of the SME market at an affordable rate, without sacrificing the quality.