Develop cutting edge HR frameworks for your business

Our HR Advisory services measure key indicators to validate if a framework has been effective in contributing towards achieving your organization’s goals. We work closely with you to make changes along the way in order to ensure that your objectives are being met. HRMC makes use of analytics and strategy planning in order to bring your company’s level to the top.

What we offer

Solutions to guarantee your success.

HR Audits

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This service is used by companies on a role by role basis HRMC charges a percentage based fee on the successfully placed candidates. This service allows for the client to enjoy a peace of mind with a replacement guarantee if the employee does not work out.

HR Strategy Development

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Interpreting your goals and business model, identifying potential threats and opportunities, and developing personalized strategic HR solutions.

HR Policy & Process Development

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Developing policies and processes to govern your company’s HR operations and implementing the Labour Laws as well as best practices within your industry.

Role Descriptions

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Designing and developing role descriptions in combination with a Job Family Model to provide your staff clarity on their roles and their key result areas.

Job Family Modeling

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We develop job family models in order to capture technical and behavioral skills set across three levels for each individual role in the job family.

Organizational Structuring

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Analyzing your business to identify gaps that are limiting your growth; we look at the sustainability of your business’ structure and ensuring capability is built within the organization.

Performance Management Systems

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Providing systems that deliver constructive feedback mechanisms to employees and help them to achieve the KRA’s that their roles involve.

Compensation and Reward Strategies and Structure

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Providing current market insights on industry-based salary trends, enabling you to gain a competitive edge. We conduct salary benchmarking exercises that attract and retain key talent as well as developing monetary and non monetary reward schemes.

Manpower Planning

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Benchmarking against industry-leading competitors and considering your business goals to help you put together an effective manpower plan for your future business requirements